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My name is Philippe Rodgers, I play the oboe, the cor anglais (English horn), the marimba, the piano, and all recorder varieties. This site has been created to offer my music to the public. One can find a variety of compositions across a large range of instruments on this website. I compose for all orchestral instruments: chamber music, string orchestra, wind band and orchestra. I specialise in solos for woodwind instruments and harp solos, unaccompanied or accompanied. Music plays an important role in my life and I play every day and compose new pieces regularly.
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The Lone ant
Classical / Contemporary
Triple X
Classical / Contemporary
18 February 2012, News
New Compositions!
Two new pieces for piccolo and piano coming soon! Semiro and Giococo  from Forest Scenes. Two exiting pieces: one describing a playful parakeet, and the other a black panther lurking in the forest. The full scores will be going up, then the ...